The Brexit Bugle

A bumper Brexit Bugle for you to enjoy with your Easter Eggs. Please share with don’t knows and our fellow Brexiteers

Along with the former head of the British Army, General Sir Mike Jackson, a Falklands liberator and ex Commandant General of the Royal Marines, General Sir Julian Thompson, the former Head of MI6 and the former Head of the CIA say we’re safer out of the EU.

So does former member of the joint intelligence committee, Colonel Richard Kemp

Quitting the EU would help not hinder our security

Brexit would not harm City interests

Outside the EU we can adopt independent policies that suit us. Here’s how we might approach agriculture.

Restoring Independent policies: Agriculture

Our Stolen Seas, how the UK suffers under the Common Fisheries Policy

It is impossible to state definitively what remaining in the EU will mean

Also it is very clear, voting remain is not voting for the status quo. This from the Italian Prime Minister.

“The EU should go all the way, we need a unitary structure of security and defence”…

And finally. The EU puts Britain in the dark…

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The Brexit Bugle

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CBI predicts disaster if we leave the EU

Deja vu, all over again 1998, CBI predicted disaster if we didn’t join the Euro (look how well that turned out)

And that’s the same CBI that has received £5.4 million in grants from the EU.
I’ve noticed how many Remainians and Remain supporting organisations are on the EU payroll. I’m sure it’s a coincidence though.

The BBC receives money from the EU’s Creative Europe Arm (and here’s me thinking the only thing creative about the EU was its accounting) One of the programmes it’s been spent on is this..

To give some BBC staffers credit, they recognise the BBC’s pro EU bias

To those who say we can’t leave the EU in an orderly secure manner, this pamphlet shows how we can.

The Market Solution: The definitive Brexit plan

The alternative is staying in the EU and watching as those bastions of political stability Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Turkey (all official candidates for the EU) undertake “re-energised talks” in preparation for EU membership. Voting Remain, is not voting for the status quo.

And to conclude.

I went to a cannibal restaurant last night.

It was £50 a head.